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Play DragonZIL

DragonZIL is a game on the Zilliqa blockchain where each dragon is an NFT. Breed, mutate, fight, trade, and earn. 

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Start Blogging

There are many crypto blogs where you can earn valuable currencies

It doesn’t require any other investment than your time to start earning cryptocurrencies in one of these platforms. You can even use all of them if you have enough time on your hands.

Connect Engage Earn On Torum

Start Using Crypto Social Media Platform - Torum

Torum is a place where you can connect with other crypto content creators and earn rewards for being active. In other words, it’s a tokenized forum where blockchain people and projects come together.

Must Read

If you aren’t already using HIVE or one of its decentralized applications, check out this comprehensive list with flashy gifs that are purposely put there to maintain your attention for more than 5 seconds. 

Find Out What's Trending

There are some big names in crypto

Some of them you may know but others may be new. All of them are on my follow list and often a source of inspiration. If you know how to search, Twitter can become a huge source of information. Go ahead and go through the list.

Earn More Crypto

Get SwissBorg App

SwissBorg application has a unique way of gaining new users and possible buyers of their native token called CHSB – they are airdropping everyone free Bitcoin by giving a lottery ticket with a guaranteed win from $1 to $100 in Bitcoin!

Play Blockchain Games and Earn Crypto


The most popular card game on the blockchain! Nothing to add. If you enjoy card games and like to earn while you play, this is it!


Brew some beer and collect CBM tokens for doing a great job. Or sell your beer.


Build the biggest and most successful city on the blockchain which generates a passive income in HIVE tokens.

Town Star

Build the most productive resource gathering city and participate in weekly competitions to get blockchain items and GALA tokens.


Play more than 80 different games on your browser or Gamee app on smartphone and participate in weekly lottery of $1000!

Merge Cats

Play a simple game of merging cats and earn SOUL tokens as rewards for completing levels and unlocking achievements. Available on smartphones.

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