Doubling Your Blog Success With HIVE

If you have ever read my blog on the web page then you may have noticed these dollar signs below my post wondering what are they there for. There is a simple answer to that – they are there because I’m using a cool WordPress plugin that allows anyone to publish on their web page and on HIVE blockchain simultaneously. Sounds intriguing, right?

But what does it mean to a simple blogger? First of all, more exposure to your blog and second, rewards and connections that you can get on HIVE block-chain and all of the communities there. It can be a great motivation boost to know others are supporting you.

BOI, for example, is using a HIVE front-end called LeoFinance which, as you can probably tell by the name, is more about the financial aspects of life. If there’s anything important going on in crypto or global economy, there’s is probably an article on LeoFinance about it. Personal examples, tips, journals, and more!

What is HIVE?

Now let’s get back to when I said ”front-end” of HIVE. If you don’t already know, HIVE is an open-source blockchain on which many applications are built on. There are no CEOs for HIVE and the community is the main decision-maker. Being open-source is the key here as it allows anyone to build something on the block-chain. If you’re a developer, you can create your own HIVE blockchain browser (or a game) and implement the features you want to see there.

Something you didn’t know you could do

But it’s not even the best part! Each ”front-end” as we started to call them can release their own token to reward its users, which means – it’s a triple win! (One for your WordPress blog, other for HIVE, and third for the rewards of the ”front-end” of your choice.)

As @bagofincome, I’m using HIVE and LeoFinance which means I’m getting rewards in both HIVE and LEO cryptocurrencies. Then later I can either use my LEO to power-up my account or convert them to HIVE. What you do with your rewards depends on you, your financial situation, and your life goals.

Personal Experience

Now back to the dollar signs – I know they haven’t been as impressive as they could have been but looking from the bright side – just recently BOI found a place where he can feel like home and it’s Leo. Despite the past articles that didn’t get many HIVE, they give @bagofincome some LEO which I’m grateful for. There was one post which made it, though. I wrote it some time ago but I still remember the feeling when it got more than 500 votes and 14 HIVE. The image below proves what I’m saying!

The Easiest Way To Be Succesful – I still remember the day I wrote it. Sadly, I haven’t kept the promise of being consistent enough. But looking from the bright side – things are moving forward and they are looking good!


If you want to try it what it’s like to be on HIVE, press here and create your own account! (You’ll be asked to install Keychain extension and I suggest you do that). And one more thing – be sure to save your HIVE keys in a safe place!

After creating your HIVE account, you’ll be able to use any front-end of your choice and reap the benefits of the blockchain network. To gain a better perspective, check out and find the one that suits you the best or scroll down to see how some of them look once you’re logged in. interface

Pictures and Stuff

Below I’ll show you some front pages of various HIVE Dapps (decentralized applications). – the original HIVE browser
PeakD.comredesigned HIVE with lots of added features and tools
3speak.coHIVE for video content (HIVE’s own Youtube)
This is my favorite –
D.BuzzHIVE for micro-blogging (HIVE’s own Twitter)

Now for two smartphone applications!


Yes, there are other places where you can post articles, videos, pictures and other stuff and earn money but right now HIVE may be the only place that has so many different ways of using it. Today, I didn’t even touch the gaming part of HIVE because it would be hard to put it all in one article.

HIVE is made FROM the community, FOR the community. Each day brings something new to the table and it’s never boring to be there. Starting from different communities to various front-ends of HIVE makes it one hell of a place!

Thank you for reading this little creation of BOI! I hope I didn’t bore you to death!

Stay productive!



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