Always Check The Contract Address

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I’ll be honest with you, I got scammed. Although I’m always really careful with all the trades I do, this morning I was surprisingly stupid when I tried to buy some $RFUEL. After I did that stupidity, I found out that the sale will start only after an hour.

It turned out that I bought some fake-ass coin that you can’t even trade back. Those scammers took me when didn’t expect it. I was just looking through the app for Uniswap and thought of checking out the previously mentioned token because I saw that they were selling tokens and from what I looked at before – they seemed promising.

After I got scammed, I don’t think I will still buy those $RFUELS and I will have to deal with it. It was a great lesson that you must always check the contract address and whether or not it is the real coin. Scammers do that very often when they create a fake token with the same name hoping for such people like me to make a transfer.

In future – first, check the official links and profiles of a company to make sure you’re doing everything right. I thought that I would never run into this kind of problem but here I am – throwing away ETH that I will never get back.

Hopefully, this week will be better than this morning. Thank you for reading! Have a productive day and always stay vigilant!



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