BOI Plays – HIVE Slot Games

A provably fair casino on the HIVE blockchain where you can either win or lose your hardly earned tokens. Or play with the tokens you’ve received by participating in other activities. My story is simple, I had HIVE on my account because another Hive user tipped my tweet on Twitter tipped on my tweet. Look […]

Torum Review – Where Crypto Meets Facebook

There are so many promising blockchain projects around that it’s often hard to keep track of all of them. No matter how hard you try, you end up having a looong favorite list which often leads to frustration and making difficult and often wrong choices. Torum is a place where crypto enthusiasts and movements from […]

SwissBorg Airdrop Lottery with a Guaranteed Win

SwissBorg application has a unique way of gaining new users and possible buyers of their native token called CHSB – they are airdropping everyone free Bitcoin by giving a lottery ticket with a guaranteed win from 1 to 100 euros. To get the lottery ticket, you must register on SwissBorg with an invite link, download […]

Mining Crypto With Only Your CPU Comes True With KOINOS

Technologies are developing faster than we can blink an eye. New, impressive announcements coming out every day of the week now. One of the latest ones to impress me was Koinos (read announcement here). ..on October 13th we will be releasing a brand new cryptocurrency named KOIN onto the Ethereum network that you will be […]

Astrotools and Zerion App – A Wonderful Discovery

So yesterday, yet again, I was thrown into a loop of exploring the world of De Fi. Reading through feeds of various ”crypto influencers” and Telegram chats in a search of a gem that could magically multiply my crypto savings has been the theme of my evenings for quite some time now. I’m using multiple […]

Coins I Am Currently HODLING

Let’s be straight with this upfront – the post you are about to read is not financial advice of any kind. Do not take my subjective look on reality as the absolute truth. In crypto, just like everywhere else, things can go south pretty fast. The same goes for all the coins that I’m currently […]

Earn LUNA By Learning (or cheating)

If you’re not following CoinMarketCap, you’ve probably missed the announcement of LUNA where one can earn LUNA tokens by learning about them and answering a couple of questions in a quiz. Supposedly, you can earn up to 10$ in $LUNA tokens. To start learning and earning, follow this link, it will lead you to a […]

What De Fi?

The last months in the crypto-verse have been really crazy! New airdrops and companies growing like mushrooms do it after rain. People are saying that it’s 2017th all over again. For me, it all started with the Uniswap craze when I started researching what De Fi is really about. Decentralized Finance is the full term […]

Always Check The Contract Address

I’ll be honest with you, I got scammed. Although I’m always really careful with all the trades I do, this morning I was surprisingly stupid when I tried to buy some $RFUEL. After I did that stupidity, I found out that the sale will start only after an hour. It turned out that I bought […]

Content Creation Is An Art

Is it not? Engaging content inspires people! It lights a spark in you and motivates you to act accordingly. If you’re a writer, you’re probably reading a lot to get that boost of writing power. The same goes if you’re involved with crypto and read about the success of other people and their powerful experiences […]