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It will be less than 24 hours until the launch of once I finish this post. It’s a revolution you can’t miss. It’s historic and will change the future of blockchain and decentralization as we know it. Read the announcement post by clicking on the blue text right here – The Announcement of Hive

I’m not going to talk about how Justin Sun wanted to fuck with the Steem community because everyone knows it by now. What is more important is how the community came together to overthrow this wannabe dictator.

It’s the power of people and not how much money you have in your bank account, or who you go to dinner with. It’s the community and the unity of people that matters!

The Hive

Hive is the new blockchain made by the community. It’s from the people to the people. If you’re a Steem user, you will automatically have your account on Hive with the same amount of tokens and all the posts you had on Steem.

As for Steem, it will remain where it is and we will see what happens to it. Some people said they will use both chains, some said they will switch to Hive completely. What matters is – the excitement is real! People are buying Steem coins and it has resulted in a huge rise in price. Look below:

The Hype

The hype is also real! In recent weeks, the Steem community gained more exposure than in the last four years together! We showed the world what happens when people come together and when they have one goal in mind!

Communities always win.

Here’s a quote from John McAfee. Even he found out what Justin did and showed his support to the community.

The Future

Did you know about Steem Apps? They are community-created applications for the blockchain. Now that Hive is launching, many apps are coming with Hive because those developers are part of the community and it’s in their interest to go with the community.

Look at this Tweet and be impressed.

As you can see, Hive is supported by many and that’s how it should be. We can only achieve true decentralization by working together. Nobody wants to be under Justin Sun’s command with no say on what will happen with the blockchain. This is why the Hive is splitting away from Steem.


The last few weeks have not been very generous to BOI when it comes to payouts because everyone’s focus was on this revolution but now that Hive will be released, it’s another opportunity for BOI to create and earn.

It’s my advice for everyone in the crypto world to join Hive and be a part of history. With everything that is happening in the world right now, it’s important to stay united and support each other. When we do that – we become better and we naturally feel better!

Thank you for reading! Until we meet tomorrow on Hive!

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