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All of the places below offer you an opportunity to blog and share your experiences with others. As rewards, you will get various cryptocurrencies which you can sell, trade or use to level up your accounts if the platform allows it. is a blogging platform built on the HIVE blockchain. The main focus of Leo is the financial aspect of our lives. Whether it’s a promising project that you want to share with others or your own experience with earning money online, you will have great support from the community that’s rapidly growing every single day.

Cryptocurrencies you can earn – HIVE, LEO and many other hive-engine tokens.

Useful Links: Leopedia.ioyour Leo and HIVE guide.

Torum is a place where you can connect with other crypto content creators and earn rewards for being active. In other words, it’s a tokenized forum where blockchain people and projects come together. Torum is still in the private beta stage and their token is not yet on market. 

Cryptocurrencies you can earn – XTM token which is not yet tradeable.

Useful Links: Torum Review is a new and promising place in the crypto-verse where you can write only one sentence and get rewards in the form of Bitcoin Cash. All you need to start is a Bitcoin Cash wallet which you can create on

Cryptocurrencies you can earn – Bitcoin Cash. Pays directly to your wallet.

Useful Links: Noise Review


Publish0x is another blogging platform where users can create their unique blogs and talk about a topic of their choice. The content that gets the most votes is about cryptocurrencies and blockchain projects but there’s also an option to write about life topics and personal growth.

Cryptocurrencies you can earn – BAT, Ethereum, Ampleforth, Farm.

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