BOI Plays – HIVE Slot Games

A provably fair casino on the HIVE blockchain where you can either win or lose your hardly earned tokens. Or play with the tokens you’ve received by participating in other activities.

My story is simple, I had HIVE on my account because another Hive user tipped my tweet on Twitter tipped on my tweet. Look here. It resulted in me getting 2 HIVE tokens which I then chose to use on to check out what games they have and to create a short video of all games.

In the video, you’ll see that I played every game until I got a payout. Right now, these are the only games there are but as HIVE grows, more games will be developed, I think.

Thank you for watching!

  • If you decide to join, you need a HIVE account that you can create for free here.
  • Remember that gambling is not earning. It’s just a game of luck!



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