Coins I Am Currently HODLING

Let’s be straight with this upfront – the post you are about to read is not financial advice of any kind. Do not take my subjective look on reality as the absolute truth. In crypto, just like everywhere else, things can go south pretty fast. The same goes for all the coins that I’m currently […]

Content Creation Is An Art

Is it not? Engaging content inspires people! It lights a spark in you and motivates you to act accordingly. If you’re a writer, you’re probably reading a lot to get that boost of writing power. The same goes if you’re involved with crypto and read about the success of other people and their powerful experiences […]

What Have You Learned Today?

Everyone knows that learning is a must for anyone who wants to improve their life but not everyone’s keen on learning. There’s this thought in many heads that once you’ve finished school, you’re ready to go and there’s no need to learn anything anymore. It’s probably because the education system has done a great job […]

The Easiest Way to Be Succesful

We’re sorry to disappoint you but there are no shortcuts to success. Except if you’re born into a wealthy family with lots of connections but even then – success isn’t measured by the amount of money you own. Real success is measured by how much you’ve learnt in the process. It’s your own personal growth […]

Making Of A Blog #1 – The Beginnings

It isn’t easy to decide the way to go. But it isn’t hard either. It’s your perception that matters. How do you see the obstacle along the way? As an opportunity or as a problem?