Doubling Your Blog Success With HIVE

If you have ever read my blog on the web page then you may have noticed these dollar signs below my post wondering what are they there for. There is a simple answer to that – they are there because I’m using a cool WordPress plugin that allows anyone to publish on their web […]

Merge Kitties And Earn SOUL

I recently discovered this game on Android where all you have to do to earn SOUL cryptocurrency is merge some cats together and let them race for some coins. It sounds quite easy and it is just like it sounds. Intro I know I’m kinda late to the show and you may already know this […]

When The Market Hits

Just like in life, there are always ups and downs in the Cryptoworld if we can call it like that. Globally, the same goes for all of the assets one can own. Prices change. When they go up, everyone’s happy and excited about the future but when they fall, many people get scared and start […]

Places on the internet where your posts are rewarded

Not everyone understands the true nature of reality. Especially, not those living in their social media bubble that consists of hours spent on Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, you name it. I’m not saying I know how the universe works but there’s one thing I know for sure – if you are going to do something, make […]

CoinGecko – your sweetest tool to explore the cryptomarket

Some time ago I wrote a post about CoinMarketCap and how it has everything you would need to jump into cryptocurrencies and explore the vast amount of them, however, times change and so do I. Since that post, I have started using CoinGecko and to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I used […]

CoinMarketCap – live data about more than 5000 cryptocurrencies

The internet is an abundant place. Every bit of information you need as far as a mouse click or a tap on the screen of your device. It’s the biggest library that has ever existed with more rooms than you can count. If you are wise enough, you’ll go to the ones where you can […]

Town Star – Strategic crypto builder from the Co-Founder of Zynga

It started for BOI as: let’s try this out and see what this game is about. Day later I was still emerged in it. Now I’m writing this for you because it’s sad to be addicted all alone. How it went down was that I spent half of the day building my city trying to […]

Sell Your Digital Art on MakersPlace

There are many artists around the world but most of them earn very little. Mostly it’s because the art online is usually getting stolen. Especially if you’re posting it on Pinterest or other social media sites. It’s easy to steal your art from you. BUT NOT ANYMORE Now we have MakersPlace and it’s a great […]

Blockchain Revolution – HIVE

It will be less than 24 hours until the launch of once I finish this post. It’s a revolution you can’t miss. It’s historic and will change the future of blockchain and decentralization as we know it. Read the announcement post by clicking on the blue text right here – The Announcement of Hive […]

Fuck the censorship! Your voice should be heard

When you can no longer share your opinion – IT’S NOT FREEDOM ANYMORE! People are being censored on Facebook and Youtube because they’re talking about coronavirus or banking system. And not just that! There are many things the system doesn’t want us to talk about. It’s ridiculous! Many posts and videos are taken down just […]