Uptrennd Part II – Halvening, Citizenship and the Freedom of Speech

Some time ago I wrote about Uptrennd on this post. There I explained the basics you need to know about this unique social media platform which pays you for using it. From the time that I wrote the introduction post to right now, Uptrennd has overcome the 100 thousand user mark and from what it […]

Faucet Crypto – Payout Proof + Comparison (Brave vs Chrome)

Faucets Faucets are places where you get rewarded for watching ads. You get a lot of pop-ups and windows opening and it can get really frustrating. Unless you’re experienced fauceter, you will often close wrong windows or click on the wrong buttons which will prolong every task. But not anymore. Today we looked at how […]

Sell Your Digital Art on MakersPlace

There are many artists around the world but most of them earn very little. Mostly it’s because the art online is usually getting stolen. Especially if you’re posting it on Pinterest or other social media sites. It’s easy to steal your art from you. BUT NOT ANYMORE Now we have MakersPlace and it’s a great […]

Blockchain Revolution – HIVE

It will be less than 24 hours until the launch of Hive.io once I finish this post. It’s a revolution you can’t miss. It’s historic and will change the future of blockchain and decentralization as we know it. Read the announcement post by clicking on the blue text right here – The Announcement of Hive […]

Fuck the censorship! Your voice should be heard

When you can no longer share your opinion – IT’S NOT FREEDOM ANYMORE! People are being censored on Facebook and Youtube because they’re talking about coronavirus or banking system. And not just that! There are many things the system doesn’t want us to talk about. It’s ridiculous! Many posts and videos are taken down just […]

Pi Network – mine crypto with your smartphone

So I recently found out about this application which allows you to mine cryptocurrency with your smartphone. It’s called Pi Network and if you want, you can go to their site to check out everything yourself. As much as I’ve searched, I have found only positive reviews about Pi despite them still being in the […]

With Sweatcoin walking is a THING again

Imagine if you could earn your income by walking. You would either love it or hate it depending on what type of person you are. If you have a dog or a baby, walking is already a part of your daily routine and earning would be a by-product of your routine. As crazy as it […]