CoinGecko – your sweetest tool to explore the cryptomarket

Some time ago I wrote a post about CoinMarketCap and how it has everything you would need to jump into cryptocurrencies and explore the vast amount of them, however, times change and so do I. Since that post, I have started using CoinGecko and to be honest, I can’t remember the last time I used CMC.

Why did I switch?

One of the reasons why I switched to CoinGecko was the option to view prices in euros because I live in Europe and it’s more relevant to me than US dollars (impossible to do that on CoinMarketCap).

The other reason was that CoinGecko reacts much faster to what is going on in the market (a personal experience that may vary from person to person) and has more coins available to check than CMC. For example, when HIVE was first introduced to the public, it was a long time before CoinMarketCap reacted while CoinGecko did it almost instantly.

Speaking about being instant. I recently downloaded the CoinGecko app for my android to be able to view prices on my phone with one-touch and was pleasantly surprised with something sweet.

Yes, I know, it’s not productive to check the market too often but it’s better than scrolling my life away on some useless app, right? It’s one of my habit-changers. I’m trying to become more productive and use my phone for what it is – a gadget, a tool to improve my life. ”The way we use our phoneswas actually one of my first posts on this blog. Check it out and change your habits too!

Now back to Sweet Candies!

CoinGecko now has this sweet initiative going on where they give out candies which you can then use to get some quality items and rewards. As you can see in the image below (a screenshot from my profile), to get the most out of it, you must collect some candies every day and if you’re consistent, you get more. (10 on day one, 20 on day 2, 30 on day 3, etc.)

In one week you can get 310 candies.


Now about the most thrilling part of this adventure. We’re in a place where you can trade your candies for rewards. As you can see, after a month of checking in daily, you could buy a T-Shirt or an Insulated Flask if you wanted to. Here’s a link to their store if you want to check it out.

I’m thinking about the Flask!

I’m pretty sure that in the future, there will be more offers to come but right now, these are the only ones and they are limited. For instance, when I last checked, there were 52 T-Shirts like that available but none of them were medium or large and only the small ones were available.

What do you think?

Should I go for a flask or something else or should I continue growing my sack of candies? They may be more useful later on, because, who knows what Gecko will bring to the table? They’re lizards and you can never guess what’s on their mind.

Are you using CoinGecko, CMC, or some other tool to check the situation in the market? Let me know in the comment section and have a productive day ahead!

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