Coins I Am Currently HODLING

Let’s be straight with this upfront – the post you are about to read is not financial advice of any kind. Do not take my subjective look on reality as the absolute truth. In crypto, just like everywhere else, things can go south pretty fast. The same goes for all the coins that I’m currently hodling. They can go up, they can go down, they can be forked and turned into a clown.

Nobody knows. Okay, somebody must know but that’s not the story today. Let’s go.

#1 Bitcoin

This one is really simple. If you’re in crypto, you must have Bitcoin, right?

How much do I have?

A lot less than my monthly salary but I’m eager to continue growing it.

#2 Ethereum

This is just as obvious as having Bitcoin. Today, most of the applications are built on ETH network, and with all this talk about ETH 2.0, you must have some of it on you!

How much do I have?

Probably the same amount as BTC so there is a lot of room for improvement.


Just a few weeks ago I didn’t even remember about GALA but when they got listed on exchanges, I checked my wallet and was pleasantly surprised by having more than 200K GALA tokens worth about 450$ at that moment. I sold half of them and now I have just a bit over 100K that I will HODL because the future is bright for Gala Games. They just started the partnership with Splinterlands if you haven’t heard. Read my full post about GALA here if you want.

#4 Phantasma (SOUL)

Bought this coin pretty recently, when I saw they were working with Steam gaming platform to release their upcoming racing game where you can use SOUL to buy and sell things. There’s also an option to stake SOUL and gain KCAL for that but I haven’t really got that far into it right now.

How much do I have?

I have 500 SOUL right now and who knows, maybe I’ll add more. Have to check out that racing game first. You can easily find it on their page –

And remember – DYOR (do your own research) before investing into something.

#5 and #6 HIVE and LEO

This is obvious! As BOI, I’m using a plugin for my WordPress blog to post on both, my blog and HIVE blockchain simultaneously. But that’s not it because I’m also using a #LeoFinance tag to post on their front-end. It’s brilliant because it triples my rewards! To read more about how I’m doing it, press here and find out how to boost your blog with HIVE!

How much do I have?

You can all see it if you press on BOI’s wallet and it’s the beauty of HIVE – transparency! It’s not much but it’s a start!

#6 – 1UP (Uptrennd)

I started using Uptrennd before the price went up-hill and it’s been brilliant! Luckily for me, I even bought couple of thousand 1UP‘s when they were 1/4th of a cent. It has brought me more than 400$ and with the android app coming soon, they have all the chances to moon.

Here’s my Uptrennd review – part 1, part 2.

And my profile for you to follow if you’re already there. Plus an invitation link for both of us to receive some 1UP’s if you decide join up.


I don’t know why but I bought it despite everyone saying the opposite. I have 0.75 $ROPE‘s on me and it has been quite an adventure. I bought it when it was about 60$ per rope and now it’s worth much more.

And what are you hodling?

Thank you for reading! Until the next time, you and BOI meet!

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