Content Creation Is An Art

Is it not? Engaging content inspires people! It lights a spark in you and motivates you to act accordingly. If you’re a writer, you’re probably reading a lot to get that boost of writing power. The same goes if you’re involved with crypto and read about the success of other people and their powerful experiences on their journey. To me, a great post will energize me for the rest of the day and I’ll do a lot more than I would have done if I didn’t read it.

Therefore – content creation is an art. Why? Because art inspires!

Use the brush you have within!

I haven’t been in the blogging game for long and I haven’t been as consistent as I should have been but my journey is only at the beginning. I’ve tried out many things to find what my biggest potential is, and just now I realized it is learning. I’m easily intrigued to try out new things and learn along the way.

I also love writing.

When you combine writing + learning together, you can write about what you learned. Therefore, I’m writing reviews on various applications and places on the internet where it’s possible to gain additional income or other valuable assets.

Below you see a guy advertising himself. Just skip the next two italic paragraphs.

I have written about Sweatcoin, an application that counts your steps and rewards you with their virtual currency SWC which can be used to get some great deals on their market or donated to charity.

I also wrote a post about various places online that pay you for your content. Check it out here if you want but if you’re reading this on HIVE, you probably know all about those places. But if you’re reading this on BOI, you’re probably crypto virgin and that post may be useful for you.

Now that the sad self-advertising has stopped, I’ll continue on.

Art Is Unique

So is the content. And so are you! Unless you’re stealing the work of others, and if that’s the case – I know you can do better! At least you can be real!

Every bit of content you create is unique because of the perspective you have. Nobody sees the world from your set of eyes. Your insights are just as valuable as other people. All you need is a start. Then you practice, fail, and grow until one day you’ll find yourself living in abundance.

At least I hope you do. Be consistent with what you do and it just can’t go the other way!

Look Within

What is it that you like? What is it that you’re good at? Combine it together and start your own brand! And with time and hard work you’ll start to have fans!

From the time that I started writing to now, I’ve been constantly improving. Even if I can’t see it at first, I can see it later when analyzing my posts. I have been using more unique words with every article I posted. I think it’s because I’m using Thesaurus to find synonyms and opposites, and learn new words. Anyway – the experience I’m having is the best for me!

Thank you for coming here! Have an abundant life ahead if we don’t have the chance to meet again!

In other words, have a nice life if this post bored you to death and you’ll never come to this blog again.

Peace and love!

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