Creating HIVE Page For BOI Blog

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Today I decided that I should dedicate a special page on my blog where it’s all about the HIVE block-chain. Starting from themes like ”what is HIVE” and ”what can you do there” to more detailed explanations about the whole ecosystem with paragraphs devoted to subjects like ”who are HIVE witnesses” and ”what are DApps” that people are so eager to build on HIVE.

I have already written about HIVE (and even STEEM before that) on my blog posts on various occasions but one can never grasp everything about HIVE in one article. At least I can’t. There are too many things happening there that once you get something explained, an update comes or a new app comes out that you also want to include in your post.

Hive For A Simple Blogger

I’ll probably start with a small introduction of what HIVE means to a simple blogger like me. First of all, if it wasn’t for HIVE, I wouldn’t have so much exposure on my blog as I’m having right now. It’s a free way to get new friends, connections, and ideas to fulfill.

It’s a place where you can get inspired. Once you see someone else succeeding by being consistent and dedicating all of themselves to what they do, you feel that rush within, the thought that you can do the same! All you have to do is start doing!

HIVE Resources (Send Me Some)

I don’t think I’m the best person to explain difficult concepts so I will need to find the best resources and HIVE guides out there so I have something to look up to. I will also include all of them in the resource list so people are able to read the original posts and guides that I used.

What I Want To Include

These are main subjects that I will include in this page. If you have some material that relates to these themes, please share them with me so I can do my best and create an awesome HIVE page for all of the bloggers who are still in the dark about the crazy opportunities this block-chain offers.


  • Creation of HIVE Block-chain
  • HIVE and HBD cryptocurrencies
  • Soft-forks and Hard-forks
  • Hive nodes and witnesses
  • Hive Engine and customs tokens
  • Decentralized Applications built on HIVE
  • HIVE gaming
  • HIVE video tube (3speak)
  • HIVE tools and explorers
  • HIVE trading and withdrawing
  • Powering Up (HIVE power, voting power, curation income)
  • HIVE initiatives
  • HIVE communities
  • Joining HIVE

What do you think? I’m sure I forgot something important that also needs to be talked about or mentioned on the page I’m creating. As I previously said, I’d appreciate your help with useful links and resources which could guide my way.

I’ll try to create this page visually appealing and I’ll probably use many infographics, examples, and screenshots of HIVE because people love to see things in action.

Feel free to share your thoughts about this idea. What do you think? Will it be worth the time spent researching all the important material? Will it bring new users to HIVE block-chain and it’s DApps?

For me, it’s an experiment and a great way to improve my skills. From doing my own research and summary to designing the page in a way it’s intriguing for an average reader. In a way that a spark gets lit up in a back of his mind!

Thank you for reading and have a productive day ahead!



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