Faucet Crypto – Payout Proof + Comparison (Brave vs Chrome)


Faucets are places where you get rewarded for watching ads. You get a lot of pop-ups and windows opening and it can get really frustrating. Unless you’re experienced fauceter, you will often close wrong windows or click on the wrong buttons which will prolong every task.

But not anymore. Today we looked at how you can use various crypto faucets with Brave browser and have nothing to worry about. You get a smooth experience.


Today we tried two different browsers while using Faucet Crypto, one of the highest paying faucets right now. Watch the difference below or directly on 3speak.online.

As you can see, the difference is huge. With Brave, you don’t have to worry about pressing the wrong button or closing the wrong window when they start popping up out of nowhere as it is with other browsers, including Chrome.

If this is the first time you’re hearing about Brave, read our review here or go directly to Brave.com and download it. It’s free, it protects your privacy and it rewards you in crypto.

And the best thing – it works on most of the faucets!

If you’re not using Faucet Crypto already, press on the blue text or the banner below to create an account and earn your first satoshis!

Withdrawing your earnings

To get your earnings out from the faucet, you will have to create an account on FaucetPay.io from which you will be able to send funds anywhere you want.

Here’s a video instruction on how to withdraw money from Faucet Crypto directly to FaucetPay in a matter of seconds!

Doing it all with Brave browser

Register on FaucetPay.io to easily withdraw crypto from Faucet Crypto and then to the wallet you use daily. Use Brave and be much more efficient!


Both of these sites have an option to invite friends and receive a small amount from what they earn. It’s a good way to have some additional income to your account, especially if you have many followers that are willing to do that.

To join Faucet Crypto with BOI referral link, press here.

To join FaucetPay.io with BOI referral link, press here.

Thank you for reading! Have a productive day ahead!

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