Fuck the censorship! Your voice should be heard

When you can no longer share your opinion – IT’S NOT FREEDOM ANYMORE!

fuck the censorship

People are being censored on Facebook and Youtube because they’re talking about coronavirus or banking system. And not just that! There are many things the system doesn’t want us to talk about. It’s ridiculous! Many posts and videos are taken down just because they’re different.

How is that free speech? You’re right, it’s not!

Luckily – there is a solution. Not everyone supports the banking system and the constant lies in the media. Not everyone follows the herd. There are still people with lots of things to say and they want to be heard! Now there’s a place for you to speak your mind without being oppressed. The place is called – Uptrennd.

Look at the tweet below from their team. They are supporting free speech! Uptrennd understands that it’s vital for us to share our knowledge because only together we are strong and only by being strong we can overcome what’s coming.

So, what is coming?

I don’t know but there are many possibilities and it’s important to keep yourself open-minded. It’s important to look at any information critically and research things for yourself before taking anything as the truth.

How can we achieve that?

Only by staying together and sharing our experiences. It’s how we care for each other and it’s impossible to do that on Facebook or Youtube because they’re not allowing all opinions. It’s only their side of the coin they want to see there.

If you are tired of the big corporations taking away your freedom, stop using them!

Come to Uptrennd and be heard! We are already past 70 000 users and the count is growing every day. Together we can make Uptrennd grow because, as I said, together we are strong!

And that’s not it – your opinion earns!

On Uptrennd, you earn points (1UP tokens) for everything you do unlike on Facebook, where your post could get 300 likes but you don’t get anything out of it. If you got 300 upvotes on Uptrennd, you would be able to get yourself a nice cup of coffee without spending any money.

Fuck the Censorship!

If you want to read more about Uptrennd – visit our blog post here (What is Uptrennd) or sign-up with our referral link here to show support to BOI!

Thank you for reading! Allow yourself to be heard and stop supporting Mark Zuckerberg. Support Jeff Kirdeikis and his Uptrennd project because Jeff is part of the community and it’s always better to support one of yours and not someone who owns almost everything.

Thank you for reading and have a productive day ahead!

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