Gala Games Partnering With Splinterlands And The Forgotten Stash Of Crypto

When GALA games released their first game called Town Star, I was one of the first to play it. At that time, I also had some spare BTC worth about 20$ that I decided to put in the game to receive some really cheap coins that may be of use later when the coin gets to the market.

After playing it for almost two weeks and referring 16 others to join (here’s my short review), I forgot about the game because it simply took too much of my time. It’s the trick about the game – it has to be open for it to work so if you want to get to the top, you have to check it every 15 minutes or else your storehouses and silo’s would be full.

Then enormous was my surprise when one day I saw that the GALA coin has been released to the market. I logged into my account to see that my 200K GALA coins were worth more than 400$!

I sold half of them for about 200$ and invested it in some other coins but I will keep the rest 100K to see where it goes! And just recently, GALA announced its partnership with Splinterlands (built on HIVE blockchain). For me, it is really impressive!

Press on the image to go to the Tweet and give it a like!

Right now, 1 coin is worth about 0.001 $ but with all the stuff that’s coming, it can rise! After all, it’s crypto we are talking about! Maybe this dip is the best time to buy it but then again – maybe it’s not. Don’t take my experience as an investment advice because all I invested was 20$ worth of BTC in April!

If you want to check out more – go to and do your own research (maybe even start playing)!

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