How I’m Getting Paid For Sharing My Internet

EDIT – Fluidstack no longer supports Windows computers. You can join their program only if you have Linux installed.

It was March, 2019 when I discovered this opportunity of which I’m really grateful for now. It’s December out there and I’ve earned about 260$ in 9 months without actually doing anything. How? By sharing my internet bandwidth with other users and companies around the world. Sounds easy? It actually is!

The company which provides us with this is called Fluidstack. I discovered it on BeerMoneyForum if you’re familiar with it. It’s a forum about earning money online where people help each other out and communicate about ways on how to earn a passive income. 

But I didn’t find it while lurking through BMF forum. Fluidstack was promoting themselves there and I don’t exactly remember the slogan but it was something like – “share your bandwith and earn” or something similar. It could also be entirely different and I’m just remembering it that way. Anyway – it seemed fishy at first but then I thought – why would BMF allow them to promote theirselves if they weren’t trustworthy.

So I joined and it was that simple. Below you see my all time earnings from Fluidstack (none from refferrals)

Income From Fluidstack

As you can see – March and April didn’t go as smooth as planned. At that time Fluidstack was still in beta and nodes kept crashing. You had to reinstall nodes to keep them connected but I didn’t know it at first. Then I forgot to check my dashboard on April and the same thing happened. 

Meanwhile – those two months were successful for Fluidstack and they released a few updates to make nodes run smoothly. As you can see – starting from May my node never crashed and I earned a pretty nice amount of money without doing anything. 


There are a three things you should have if you want to join Fluidstack.

  • A good internet connection

  • PC that is turned on for at least 12 hours a day

  • A Paypal account to receive your payments

Earnings Depend On Internet Speed

They are saying you can earn up to 50$ a month but I have never reached that high. So far – the maximum amount for me is 39,99$ on the month of August. 

As for my internet speed – as you can see below – it’s more than 800Mbps which is quite fast.

My Internet Speed


  1. Press on this link.


2. Fill this form – be sure to enter the same email that you have for your Paypal account.

Fill this form

3. Wait for further instructions in your inbox.

You will get an email with your dashboard login information. In dashboard you will be able to download and install your node and when you’re done – you’re all set. 


Frequently Asked Questions About Fluidstack.

Fluidstack on Reddit.

Fluidstack on Trustpilot.

Thank you for reading! BOI is wishing you happy earning!

*This post includes an affiliate link and BOI will earn 5$ if you install a node and keep it online for 7 days. For more information – read our Disclosure.

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