Oh, BOI, An Introduction!

Meet BOI (short for Bag of Income) as one of the newest blogs on the web. If we compare BOI to a human being then right now it’s a baby. Like all us, it has enormous potential. Will BOI ever reach it? Nobody knows. All we know is that our team will do its best to ensure BOI is a pleasure to read.

What is BOI about?

BOI is here to inform you about various ways to earn money on the internet. BOI is learning too. Learning by doing because practice makes perfect. BOI is really excited to see how it will turn out. What will it morph into. All we know – the process of growth is happening right as we speak.


BOI will always be a financially transparent blog. We will inform our readers about how much money we make from our blog (if it’s ever going to happen). It may include earnings from ads, referrals, trades and anything else you may encounter on this blog in the near future.


BOI wants to inspire others! If BOI can do it – anyone can do it! If anyone can do it – you can do it! The most important thing is to start something and focus on small goals. One post, one job at a time. Multi-tasking isn’t really that great. BOI will share its experience in earning money on the internet anyone who’s willing to read.

STEEM Integration

BOI knows STEEM is the way to go if you want to have an extra income in your life. For this reason – every article will also be posted to Steemit using the wonderful Steempress plugin for WordPress.


BOI is young and wants to have friends! In order to grow to its final form, it needs to engage and socialize with other blogs and entrepreneurs all around the internet. If you have an offer, contact BOI and great things can happen for both of us.


The main goal of BOI is to make its parents proud of what it is. It’s not only about money and personal gain but also about having a solid reputation amongst the users of the internet.


BOI knows how important it is to have a routine. His parents have read thousands of articles and books on how to increase productivity and achieve success. The main reason succesful people achieved their goals was having a routine and sticking to it.


Children are curious. Adults – not so. BOI is still a child so it goes with the flow and is ready to try new things on the go. BOI is exploring the world of internet to bring you newest methods of earning an income online. Stay curious and the universe will open a door!

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