Long Time No See

Good day to you! After being away for a while, some things have added up that I want to share with you. These last couple of weeks have been challenging and from what it looks like, for most of the people, the future isn’t that bright either.

First of all, I want you to know that Coastal City game which I wrote about was a SCAM! Those little fuckers didn’t pay many people, including me and now the site is down. Yes, I expected it but it still hurts when something promising and fun turns out to be completely false.

I hope you didn’t invest anything into it and the only thing you lost was time and trust in humanity.

The second thing I want to talk about is Uptrennd. As of today, Uptrennd is in 21 285th place in Alexa ranking with more than 100 thousand registered users. It’s the most active blockchain-based social media platform in the world that is growing with every single day.

Now they’ve announced changes to the system with the Citizenship of Uptrennd which will affect how much value your vote has. Read more about it on this post by Jeff Kirdeikis.

There is also an android app in testing. I found it out by reading this tweet of Jeff.

Free speech on your mobile coming soon!

What’s more? Bitcoin halving event is only three days away now. The price of BTC has been growing for last couple of weeks (similar to previous halvings). Usually, after a halving, price starts to fall for some time but eventually it rises to all time high.

Will it happen on this halving? It’s probable but one can never truly know. If you’re considering to invest in BTC, do the research yourself and never invest something you can’t afford to lose.

Oh, and one more thing. I recently wrote about Faucet Crypto where you can watch some ads and gain various cryptocurrencies. From what it looks like, it’s not a scam and it’s working but the down-side is – you can’t earn much unless you have many referrals. If not – it’s a pretty useless way to spend your time.

Thank you for reading friend!

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