Merge Kitties And Earn SOUL

I recently discovered this game on Android where all you have to do to earn SOUL cryptocurrency is merge some cats together and let them race for some coins. It sounds quite easy and it is just like it sounds.


I know I’m kinda late to the show and you may already know this game or maybe you’re one of the players but if you missed it too, you can still hop on the train! This game was released back in 2018th and if it’s still on – it means there are people playing it.

If we’re talking about SOUL cryptocurrency, here’s a link to CoinGecko. If you’re reading this on you’ll see a widget below. SOUL is an ERC20 type token which means it’s based on Ethereum.


Although the market cap is pretty low at the moment, you can never know what happens in the cryptoworld. The developers will probably release a new game (I just found out they released Merge Dragons a few days ago) and with it comes a chance that it will go mainstream. If it does – the market cap and the price of this coin will surely increase. Taking the fact that it’s been on the market since 2018th means there are still people working to make CryptoSoul a household name.

I know this sounds crazy but as I stated before – you can never know what happens in this world and if you’re already playing games on your phone, why not earn some crypto with it?

Plans, Roadmap, Exchanges and Stuff

When we explore their homepage – we can see various things such as how many payments are sent, the leaderboard, and the company’s roadmap of 2020th.

As you can see – there are more than 3 new games coming!

And here are the exchanges currently accepting SOUL!

Pretty big names, right?


The game itself is really easy, and you’ll become the greatest cat merger you’ve ever known in a few minutes. The task is to merge same level cats together to get a new level cat. Around the cats – there is a race going on where you put your highest level cats, so they earn you game currency which you use to buy new cats.

As you accomplish new goals and get new cats, you’ll earn SOUL that you can withdraw to your wallet. There are daily tasks, tournaments and other stuff going on which some may find interesting.

Below, I added some screenshots from the game itself and a gif where you can see the process of merging with your own set of eyes.

Screenshot Gallery

And the process of merging as promised

If you enjoyed this small review of mine, consider using my invitation link below which will lead you straight to google play market where you can download the game.

Press here and register with my referral link to get your first 650 SOUL coins for free and start playing!

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