Mind-Blowing Steem Infographic

As you may already know, BOI also posts on the Steem blockchain by using the Steempress plugin. It automatically posts your WordPress blog post to steemit.com. It’s an experiment and a good way to keep your content on the blockchain forever.

Today we are sharing with you latest Steem Statistics, made by Julián González on Steemit.

It’s a great time to start Steemin’!

Look at the chart of Steem from CoinMarketCap. It looks like either Steem dies or the price will rise. So far – it’s closer to the second option. Many people left Steemit when the price started to fall and others left when bidbots took over.

Bidbots are now sorted out and there are only a few of them left. Communities are growing bigger and stronger and SteemIt is growing as a decentralized platform. It’s not a baby anymore. It’s maturing to become mainstream. How and when? BOI doesn’t know it.

As you can see, there was a boom on SteemIt in January of 2018th when on Steem was worth about 7$. If you were there at that time, you could earn more than 100$ per post. It was a gold mine for a while. Then it started to drop and now, we think, we’re coming back.

BOI on Steem

Our post about Sweatcoin app got a few upvotes and one of them is pretty big because it’s from @steempress-io. Now we have earned our first dollar on Steemit.

Press on the image to open it on Steemit.com

Steem Apps

As you can see in the screenshot below, there are many ways to use Steem blockchain. Starting from Smoke.io for cannabis users and growers to Steem Monsters card trading game and Actifit activity reward app.

Go to Steam Apps and take a look, maybe there is something especially for you. That way you can start making some money online. It’s easier than it looks.

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