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There are many artists around the world but most of them earn very little. Mostly it’s because the art online is usually getting stolen. Especially if you’re posting it on Pinterest or other social media sites. It’s easy to steal your art from you.


Now we have MakersPlace and it’s a great opportunity for every content creator out there. You can sell anything you created, starting from animations and gifs to photography, paintings, and other digital art. Not only that – all your art is protected with blockchain technology!

And oh, boy, those prices! You could increase your wealth by an enormous amount!

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Why MakersPlace?

First of all, it’s the blockchain technology. If you haven’t heard about it, it’s how Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies work. Many people are still thinking Bitcoin is a scam but let’s not focus on them. Blockchain allows us to have a public database that has no central authority.

This database can’t be changed and once you put something on the blockchain, it remains there forever. It turns out, this technology is also valuable when it comes to digital creations.


Any data stored on the blockchain remains there forever and it can’t be changed. This property allows an artist to sign and create a permanent record of authenticity that goes along with their creation. 

Unlike in the physical world, this record can’t be forged and it’s easy to attribute the original creation back to the creator.


A blockchain also enables true ownership of a digital creation by maintaining a permanent record that ties a digital creation to its rightful owner, which again is unforgeable. Digital content has always been intangible due to its nature of being easily replicated and shared. But, with a blockchain, the record of ownership can’t be replicated.


Finally, a creator can also ensure the scarcity of their creations by creating only a limited number of authentic digital creations that can be owned. This is particularly exciting as it further increases the value of digital creation, allowing a creator to capture the majority of a creation’s value upfront.


You can go to MakersPlace and explore what’s there on your own. It’s the best way to understand the platform and evaluate your options.

As you can see in the picture below, Ruslan is selling his picture for 33$ or 0.25 ETH, and he has 30 editions of this picture. It means there can only be 30 buyers.

This one is still cheap compared to others

Now, look at this gif below. BOI really likes it, what about you? As you can see, the price is astronomical. Good thing is that you can make an offer that is cheaper than the price. Then the creator will decide if he’s willing to sell you for that amount.

What a lovely art, right?
More of the MakersPlace art


If you’re creating digital content, it’s a wonderful opportunity to join MakersPlace. Become the true owner of your art and earn money from it. What could be better? Maybe you’re a collector yourself? If that’s so, join and start buying some unique art.

If you want to know more about MakersPlace, go to their website and check it out on your own. BOI will soon join and try his skills because the temptation to earn is big!

Here’s a short video about MakersPlace.


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