Content Creation Is An Art

Is it not? Engaging content inspires people! It lights a spark in you and motivates you to act accordingly. If you’re a writer, you’re probably reading a lot to get that boost of writing power. The same goes if you’re involved with crypto and read about the success of other people and their powerful experiences […]

When The Market Hits

Just like in life, there are always ups and downs in the Cryptoworld if we can call it like that. Globally, the same goes for all of the assets one can own. Prices change. When they go up, everyone’s happy and excited about the future but when they fall, many people get scared and start […]

Making Of A Blog #1 – The Beginnings

It isn’t easy to decide the way to go. But it isn’t hard either. It’s your perception that matters. How do you see the obstacle along the way? As an opportunity or as a problem?

Oh, BOI, An Introduction!

Meet BOI (short for Bag of Income) as one of the newest blogs on the web. If we compare BOI to a human being then right now it’s a baby. Like all us, it has enormous potential. Will BOI ever reach it? Nobody knows. All we know is that our team will do its best […]