Doubling Your Blog Success With HIVE

If you have ever read my blog on the web page then you may have noticed these dollar signs below my post wondering what are they there for. There is a simple answer to that – they are there because I’m using a cool WordPress plugin that allows anyone to publish on their web […]

Why We Should Change The Way We Are Using Our Smartphones

Smartphones are good. They’re great actually. With only a few taps we can do almost anything – send a message, order a pizza or run a business. The possibilities are endless. Especially if you’re into programming. You can make a software nobody has ever seen before and make millions out of it. You don’t even […]

With Sweatcoin walking is a THING again

Imagine if you could earn your income by walking. You would either love it or hate it depending on what type of person you are. If you have a dog or a baby, walking is already a part of your daily routine and earning would be a by-product of your routine. As crazy as it […]

Oh, BOI, An Introduction!

Meet BOI (short for Bag of Income) as one of the newest blogs on the web. If we compare BOI to a human being then right now it’s a baby. Like all us, it has enormous potential. Will BOI ever reach it? Nobody knows. All we know is that our team will do its best […]