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Two days ago I wrote a post about HIVE price and at that moment it was $0.32 and it seemed really high! Right now, it is almost a dollar with a market cap of almost 300 million!

BOI is really grateful that he joined Hive! It was easy to do, plus the Steempress plugin (still waiting for them to change their name to Hivepress) gives a real advantage in gaining exposure to bagofincome blog.

As you see above, we’re using CoinGecko widget to show the price (so far you can only see it on BOI blog because this feature is not yet supported by Hive).

Why CoinGecko and not CoinMarketCap?

It’s because this recent rise of price that is still happening showed how slow CoinMarketCap is when compared to CoinGecko. They aren’t updating the information nearly as fast as CoinGecko is.

Press on the image, go to the tweet and retweet it. Let CMC know they can do better!

It’s really great to see Hive succeed. Especially when you have joined the board yourself. If you are a content creator, it’s a wonderful chance! Other than that – Hive is censorship-free.

If you create videos, there’s a platform on Hive blockchain called 3Speak. A great place for all the wonderful people who get banned from Youtube for talking about cryptocurrencies or politics.

If you want an app for your phone to use Hive, there’s an eSteem app (don’t get confused by the name because it’s not on Steem, they just haven’t changed the name of the app yet) and the best thing about it is that eSteem allows an instant account creation.

If you want to check out other dapps on Hive blockchain, there’s a page called Hive Dapps.

As for Alexa Ranking, is now in 91,140th in the world and 21,148th in the US.

There are also other ways to use Hive blockchain and one of them is PeakD which offers more options than the default way of using Hive. PeakD is now 123,823th in the World and 15,665th in US.

As you see, PeakD is more popular than and it’s understandable. It looks neat, works great and has advantages, for example, a way to use 10 tags on your post (greater exposure).

On PeakD, you can also easily vote for your favorite witnesses. If you don’t use Hive and don’t what witnesses are – they are user elected guys and girls running Hive blockchain at their home. Located all over the world, nodes they have set up are confirming every transaction on the chain for which witnesses receive rewards.

You can also call it mining.


As time has proven, communities create value and Hive community stands is a live proof! If you haven’t decided where your crypto journey will begin, it can easily be Hive. If you’re already on your journey, Hive is a great place to meet like-minded individuals and gain exposure for your content.

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