The Easiest Way to Be Succesful

We’re sorry to disappoint you but there are no shortcuts to success. Except if you’re born into a wealthy family with lots of connections but even then – success isn’t measured by the amount of money you own.

Real success is measured by how much you’ve learnt in the process. It’s your own personal growth that matters. It’s what you do daily that makes your life how it is. Real success is achieving your goals and that’s what we’re talking about today.

There are no shortcuts to success. The only way to succeed is to put in the effort by being consistent and passionate about the thing you’re doing. Success comes when you least expect it because you’re too busy doing the necessary work. And there is always work to be done. It doesn’t matter if it’s early morning or late night, if you’re tired or full of energy, healthy or ill, the work has to be done if you want your business to grow. You have to keep that in mind.

There are no guaranteed ways to become a ”success story” but there are tips that can highly increase your chances of success. Today we’ll go through them, talk about why they are the cornerstone of success and show you how to incorporate them in your daily life.

Be Consistent

If you’re thinking about changing your life for better you have to also act on it. You have to be consistent and do it every day. If you want to start your own business, you have to show up every day and do the work, otherwise, it’s not going to work. You have to be in the thing you’re doing until you become it.

Develop a Routine

Develop a positive routine. It will help you save your energy and time, therefore, making you more efficient. Doing certain tasks at a certain time of day helps your body and mind work more effectively. And since you already know what you will be doing next, it saves you energy.

Instead of waking up without a schedule, create one for yourself and go with it. It’s better to try and fail than remain in your comfort zone and regret it later.

Start incorporating new habits into your life, for example, waking up early to start the day on your terms. Not only will it gain you time to complete some tasks, it will also help you discipline yourself.

It’s pretty possible you will fail many times before finding a perfect schedule for yourself but it’s definitely worth it. Find out what works for you and try following that routine for as long as you can.

Change the way you’re using your smartphone. You have to use it as a tool because it’s a tool. We wrote a complete article about it. Be smarter than your smartphone!

Set Goals

It’s important to have goals. That way you’re getting a sense of accomplishment every time you reach a goal. It gives you a natural motivation and energy boost to keep doing the thing you’re doing.

There are short-term goals and long-term goals. It’s important to have both. If your long-term goal is to create a website that will be able to provide for you, then one of your short-term goals would be – earning your first dollar with your website.

Having a goal also helps you see where you’re going and it’s much easier to keep that way. You’re no longer in the dark about your future because you can see it. You visualize it at moments of rest.


Planning goes hand to hand with having a positive routine. Once you’ve planned your day, your week, your month and so on, it’s much easier to go with a plan than think of what to do every time you’re working.

Develop the right plan for yourself and start small. Don’t set the bar too high or else you’ll get frustrated when things go sideways. If you’re starting a blog and need the time to write your blog posts, start with 30 minutes a day and then increase it gradually.

If you were planning to make a blog post every day, reduce it to a post every two days. Adapt to it and then gradually increase the amount of time you’re working. Do it whenever you feel ready. It all depends on how strong you are on the inside and also – the daily schedule you have right now.

Unless you have lots of free time every day to do what you want, start with a plan where you work on your goals for half an hour a day. Once you start it, you’ll feel the drive and the amount of time you work on achieving your goals will naturally increase.

Believe in Yourself and in the Process

It’s often the hardest part – believing that you can actually reach success and it’s in you to impact the whole world. Your world at least. We wouldn’t have the power to dream if we didn’t have the tools to reach our dreams, right? Even if it’s a tiny part of the dream we have. It’s still a start.

If you still don’t believe in yourself, believe in the process. The process of growth. It’s always happening. Even right now, at this moment of time. You’re growing as a person. You’re soaking up words in an order you’ve never seen before.

Maybe after these words, you’ll start doing something you always wanted. For example, start a blog in a niche you’re familiar with. There is a sea of possibilities out there. Everything you ever wanted to learn can be found with one google search.

We started a blog in a niche we’re ready to learn about – the money earning niche and so far it has been an interesting journey. Read about our start in this post where we talk about our experience in making a blog.


It’s easy to enjoy things like eating or watching a movie but it’s much harder to enjoy something you’re struggling with. Especially when you’re learning something new. It can get so frustrating, we often leave it for later. But later never comes, it’s always here and now.

It’s natural to fail at something. If you wouldn’t fail, you wouldn’t grow. It’s the same as when you learned how to walk. You failed many times just as we all did. Only then did we start to walk naturally. It takes a lot of tries to master something.

Do it, no matter how slow it goes. If you’re consistent, it will only get easier with each day. That is if you won’t stop and leave the work that matters to later.


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