The Price of 1UP is Rocketing!

Have you seen what is happening in the crypto-market? The price of 1UP token is increasing with every breath we’re taking. In the last 7 days, the price has gone up more than 800%!

Here’s a link to 1UP’s CoinGecko

If you’re still not on Uptrennd, go and check it out. If you register with my referral link, we’ll both get 50 1UP tokens. If you want to read more about the platform, I have written two articles about Uptrennd on this blog:

1. What is Uptrennd?
2. Uptrennd – Citizenship, Halvening and the Freedom of Speech

What else you should know?

Since my second article, things have changed for the better. In addition to the big rise of 1UP token price, Uptrennd has changed the way the ”boosting” option works.

If before the update, you had to pay 1 token for 10 views, now we get 25 views for 1 token. This means, if you want your post to be seen 2500 times, it only takes 100 tokens instead of 250!

This recent change has made a great impact and people are boosting their posts more than before. The ecosystem is rocking and I don’t know why you’re still not there.

If you’re reading this on HIVE blockchain, don’t consider Uptrennd as an enemy but as a friend. Together, we can achieve much more and it’s good that there are others with a similar mindset. BOI exists in both places. I’m using Steempress plugin to have my posts on HIVE but I’m also using Uptrennd and its boosting option for my posts to have greater exposure.

Thank you for reading and have a productive day ahead! We achieve something only when we’re doing something and the best time to do and create is now!

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