Torum – Connecting Worldwide Crypto Enthusiasts

That’s it that’s the slogan! If you’re reading this, you’re probably one of the crypto enthusiasts they’re talking about. If the answer is yes, I know that you’re eager to find out about the new opportunities that are arising every day. Congratulations, you’ve found one and it’s called Torum.

What is Torum?

To answer it in a really simple way, it’s a social media network that is a combination of LinkedIn and Facebook and it’s made especially for the cryptocurrency world. Not only does it let you connect with other humans and companies focused on crypto, it pays you in their own cryptocurrency XTM.

As of right now, Torum is in the beta phase, which means that coins are not yet withdraw-able but if we look at the future, this place has the potential to join many block-chain projects and expose them to other people. If it happens, their native coin will gain traction and the price will probably go up.

Just a few days ago Torum announced via Twitter that they have acquired a crypto exchange license in the country of Timor-Leste which you probably didn’t know about until a few moments ago. Acquiring this license means that Torum can now officially:

  • Involve in blockchain technology
  • Operate as a cryptocurrency exchange platform
  • Launch any ICO and IEO
  • Perform any business activities related to crypto and blockchain,
  • Provide crypto-to-fiat and fiat-to-crypto services

These are big news for Torum! You know, Torum is only a few months old (launched on July 1st, 2020), so if you want to hop on the train, this is a good time to do it!

Show Me How It Looks!

Unless you make an account on Torum, it’s impossible to browse through the stuff people and companies are posting there. Many times, it’s the design of the place that keeps you there so I’ll show you some parts of Torum in the images below.


This is how your feed looks when you login to your account.

As you can already see, there are similarities to Facebook and LinkedIn. It’s really easy to understand and just as easy to share your articles and posts from all across the internet. A great way to gain additional exposure to your created content.


There are many missions going on right now and it’s a great way to grow your XTM’s. Starting from daily and weekly missions to special and one time offers. Scroll down and look for yourself. Maybe it’s the best time to accumulate?

As you can see, it’s really easy to earn some coins while engaging with others on the platform. Some coins come from posting, others from logging in daily but the most points come from referring others and it’s 75 XTM for both – you and the person you invited on Torum.

If you want to join with my invitation code, scroll to the end of this post.


The wallet is pretty simple right now as they don’t have the trading yet. It’s only the beginning for Torum and for us – a time to earn coins that may bring us some small fortune later.

I have more than 200 now but I’m motivated to gain more than 1000 until the end of the year!

Airdrop For Beta Landers

Right now, there are various initiatives going on to grow the user base. Starting from the community airdrop that you can read about here, to the referral mission where we will both earn 75XTM if you decide to register with my invitation link. You can also press on the banner below to sign-up and start earning your coins, and more importantly, new connections and followers!



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