Torum Review – Where Crypto Meets Facebook

There are so many promising blockchain projects around that it’s often hard to keep track of all of them. No matter how hard you try, you end up having a looong favorite list which often leads to frustration and making difficult and often wrong choices.

Today I’ll talk about Torum, it’s a project that could solve at least one part of the problem I described above.

Torum is a place where crypto enthusiasts and movements from all over the world can meet and interact with each other. For interacting with each other and using the platform, Torum users are rewarded with XTM tokens!

XTM is the native token of Torum which you can get in many different ways; starting from completing daily missions and bounties to inviting friends to join the growing platform. You can even become a Torum ambassador if you have what it takes to spread the word about the platform.

In addition to all that, a mining-simulator game, a community marketplace, a mobile app, and many other additions for Torum are in creation, even a DeFi product. If you decide to join now, you can easily consider yourself an early adopter of XTM but let’s not get ahead of ourselves and start from the beginning.

Origins of Torum

From having an idea of Torum in late 2018th to getting the funding in 2019th and launching the platform in July of 2020th, Torum is marching forward with a pretty solid foundation. The user count of Torum is growing and many people are joining up to get their hands on the native Torum token called XTM and connect with other crypto enthusiasts.

Torum is based in Malaysia and it has a team of more than 15 people with different skill-sets working together to create a hub where every crypto enthusiast and project could meet each other.

Recently, Torum even started their Ambassador program which I’m honored to participate in! It only means the team is getting bigger and more people are starting to see Torum as a promising new player in the crypto-town!

If you want to read more about the team or Torum itself, I’ll leave some useful links below this article.


Recently, Torum reached the top 50 thousand sites in the world according to Alexa Ranking. Read about it in my Leo article. Another milestone that was reached was getting 25 thousand users to onboard the platform.

Torum has also reached its pre-sale goal and the next big thing that’s coming is Torum’s token (XTM) listing on both centralized and decentralized exchanges. It’s coming in the Q2 of 2021!

XTM Token and Tokenomics

XTM is the native token of Torum! It’s an ERC-20 token which means it works on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply is 1,000,000,000 XTM tokens and in the chart below you can see how the tokens will be distributed in the future.


Screenshot from the official whitepaper document.

I have to add that what you see above will be changed in the updated version because there is a new product on the roadmap called Torum Finance. It is going to be a DeFi project for the Torum platform, as you already imagined. Read more about it here.

Earning XTM

The easiest way to earn XTM is by using Torum every day even if it’s just for a few minutes. One of the daily missions is ”login to Torum at any time of the day” which gets you 1 XTM and you can in 30 seconds if not less. If you’re consistent and do it all seven days of the week, you’ll complete one of the weekly missions which is ”stay active for 7 days consecutively” and you’ll be rewarded with 40 XTM!

Other missions get you more XTM but may cost a little bit more of your time and effort. Once you get the hang of the platform, earning rewards will be just a by-product of spending your time in a more useful way than if you were browsing Facebook.


There are four types of missions you can complete in order to stack your bag full of XTM tokens. Some are easy, some a bit harder but in the end, they’re all rewarding.

  • Daily Missions
  • Weekly Missions
  • One-Time Missions
  • Special Missions

All of the missions out there serve a goal to make us interact with each other. Starting from login into Torum every day to make a comment and invite a friend, the XTM tokens that Torum is giving away by having these missions is what brings people in.

Many people from all around the world are starting to understand that their time is valuable and if you spend it all on Facebook or similar platforms where you are not rewarded, you’re stealing from yourself.

Look at how much XTM I’ve managed to get just from completing missions!

In this screenshot, you can see that I have earned more than 5000 XTM by completing various missions.

Content Creation

On Torum, you have a personal feed just like you would have on Facebook. You can scroll it down and explore what your friends (the people you follow) are writing about. Once you see something you deem worthy, you can like, spread and even reward the author.

This thing works both ways. If you have something you want to share with your followers, you can simply write it on your feed and you’ll get noticed. In your first post, you should write a few sentences about yourself and what brought you to Torum and I promise you, you’ll get some love!

We all know that a warm welcome makes people stay and we’re doing our best on Torum for new-comers to feel like they are seen on the platform. Once you start interacting, you’ll see how much Torum can offer!

Personal Example

When creating this Torum review, I wanted to show you how easy it is to use this platform. The end result was much better than I expected!

I really posted it! And – I earned XTM!

Look what happened when I looked at this post a few hours later! It has only been three hours and I have four rewards for this short but intriguing post.

From the icons at the top, you can see I earned 1 HODL token and 3 Small Claps!


Once you start using the platform, you’ll accumulate XTM! One of the ways to use your XTM is by rewarding other users which can get you new friends and followers and warm someone’s heart in the process.

Here are all the rewards you can give and get!

But rewarding others is not the only thing you can do with your earnings. Once the market is up, you’ll be able to sell your XTM or use them to play the upcoming Mining Simulator game. As the platform continues to grow, more and more ways to use XTM will appear, and I saw that there will be an NFT marketplace too!

Community Building

Another way to earn XTM on Torum is by building clans! You can build any crypto-related clan (community) that other users will be able to join. There you’ll be able to post threads for your clan to interact with. Not only will it earn you XTM but it will also build a community around an idea of yours.

There are many clans out there and as you can see in the image above, I have created one clan myself, called LEO Lions and it is meant for all the users out there! As Torum is growing bigger, more lions are joining up and there are already more than 700 members.

Being a Torum Mentor

Torum offers every lander an opportunity to invite others and get rewarded for it. Right now, you’re getting 75 XTM for every user who registers using your invitation link and I think it’s a great number!

As the platform continues to grow, these rewards will probably be decreased but that’s just my opinion. I don’t think 75 XTM per referral is sustainable once Torum gets to more than 100 thousand users (about 25 thousand right now). That’s why I’m using the opportunity now!

This is how my referral section looks like. As you can see, I’m already a mentor to more than 40 verified Torum users which earns me more than 3000XTM! You can also see my mentor @zord189 a great guy with lots of knowledge of animation and graphic design.

Let BOI Be Your Mentor

If you choose to join Torum, use my invitation by either pressing here or on the banner below. Not only will it reward us both with 75 XTM, but I will also be able to see you on my dashboard and reward you when you start posting!

Press on the banner to join and I’ll be your mentor!

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Thank you for reading! Don’t wait until XTM goes to the moon and join up now by pressing the banner below!

Do it and I’ll be your mentor!


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