Town Star – Strategic crypto builder from the Co-Founder of Zynga

It started for BOI as: let’s try this out and see what this game is about. Day later I was still emerged in it. Now I’m writing this for you because it’s sad to be addicted all alone.

How it went down was that I spent half of the day building my city trying to create the perfect infrastructure for our workers to be the most efficient. To say the least, we messed up a couple of times and the only way out was by destroying half of the city.

About Town Star

Town star is the newest game on the Gala blockchain created by Eric Schiermeyer, who is one of the Co-Founders of Zynga, and Zynga are the ones who got millions of people addicted to Farmville. Join their Discord channel here:

(Town Star Discord Channel)

In fact, the creative director of Farmville 2, Mike McCarthy has been working on Town Star for over 10 years!

Gala blockhain

Now, this guy, Eric has made a Gala blockchain where everyone can participate as node operators (miners) even with mobile devices but to do that, they will have to buy a license that costs about 1000$. After that, they install that node on their device and get rewarded by confirming transactions on the blockchain.

Town Star – first game on the blockchain

Town Star is the first game on Gala blockchain published by Sandbox games. It’s about building and managing your own city. You start with some farms and then evolve into something big and industrial.

Right now the game is still in the Alpha phase but in less than 42 hours they will launch Beta. Keys to enter beta are limited so if you’re interested, go to app.gala or press the image below.


Gala games have their own token called GALA! You can earn these tokens in various ways and then either sell them on the market or use them to buy some game items to build a better city.


When registering, you will be given a seed-phrase to secure your account so make sure you write that down and store in a safe place because who knows, maybe this game will go mainstream and the coins you earn in Beta will be worth something.

You will also be asked if you want to upgrade your account from basic to Gala+ and it costs about 10$. If you decide to upgrade, you’ll get 10$ worth of loot, 100 Gala coins (which can later be worth something) and a 100$ discount for node.

There’s no need to upgrade to enjoy the game right now but it could be a good investment. Anyway, don’t invest something you can afford to lose. This game is meant to be enjoyed and it really pulls you in.

Below we’ll add some tips for you to know but remember – the best experience is to try it out yourself.

Our Experience

I won’t talk about the details of what you have to build in order to succeed because I’m not an expert yet. One thing I know for sure – don’t sell your gasoline at the start of the game because it is used to sell your items. If you sell all your gasoline and you still don’t have a way to make your own fuel, you’ll be in a bad place.

Here’s how we built our second town


You have to pay your workers or else they won’t go to work. Payments are automatic so as long as you have enough money, you’ll be alright.

Look at the wages of workers and don’t hire too many lumberjacks when there are no trees because they’ll sit home but you will still pay their salary.

Sell when you have your store is full. If your stock is full and workers keep working, they won’t have anywhere to put the wares so they’ll just disappear and workers will work without a reason.

Enjoy and have fun!

The main thing about gaming is to take your mind off of things and re-energize yourself. This game does this really good and if you’re still not convinced, look at the gameplay video below.

Here’s a guy playing it on Youtube if you wish to watch a clip. But BOI says – get right in! Press the banner below and join the Town Star right now!

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