Uptrennd Part II – Halvening, Citizenship and the Freedom of Speech

Some time ago I wrote about Uptrennd on this post. There I explained the basics you need to know about this unique social media platform which pays you for using it.

From the time that I wrote the introduction post to right now, Uptrennd has overcome the 100 thousand user mark and from what it looks like, the first million is getting closer and closer with each passing day.

Today we’ll talk about the future of Uptrennd and their preparedness for mass adoption. It includes topics like 1UP Halvening, Citizenship of Uptrennd and the Freedom of Speech.

Created only a year and a half ago, Uptrennd has become the internet home for many

Latest Accomplishments

As time went by, things on Uptrennd have been changing FOR THE BETTER! If you look closer at the rate of growth, Uptrennd could surpass 2 million users at the end of this year! There’s knowledge in the tweet below.

Go give this a retweet and help the exposure of Uptrennd.

As for the 1UP coin price! It’s hot! 1UP token has grown more than 200% in the last 24 hours. It’s a crazy sight to behold but it is happening! Here’s a link to CoinGecko!

If you are not seeing the widget above, you’re probably reading this post on Hive blockchain and that’s why I left a link for you above. Hopefully, Hive will implement CoinGecko widget support pretty soon! (I don’t know about the coding stuff but I know the community can do that).

Now back to Uptrennd. As user count keeps growing, Uptrennd team is working on many important things. One of them is the server upgrade which is already underway. If you used Uptrennd before, you would notice it has become much faster but not the fastest yet. There will be more upgrades which will improve the overall speed of the site (it will attract more users).

Oh, and one more thing, Uptrennd have made it to the top 20 thousand sites in the world. See Alexa rankingUptrennd is in the 19,903th place and it’s only the beginning.

Halvening Event

As you may know, many cryptocurrencies go through the process called ”halvening” (halving) where the system changes the way it distributes rewards to its users, usually cutting the rewards in half.

With Bitcoin, ”halvening” happens every time 210 000 blocks are produced. As each block takes about 10 minutes to produce, ”halving” happens once in four years.

Last Bitcoin Halving happened just a few days ago, on May 11th 2020th and it reduced the reward miners get for producing a block from 12.5 BTC per block to 6.25 BTC/block.

If you look historically, BTC price has increased with each halving and it’s pretty logical because if something is harder to get, it’s more valuable. As you can see in the chart below, each time a halving occurs, price starts to rise.

Chart taken from bitcoinblockhalf.com

Uptrennd Halvening

Will the magic happen to Uptrennd? The last few days have shown a tremendous spike in price. Is it because people are expecting this halving? I don’t know but the fact remains, the price is rising and more people are coming on board.

Uptrennd started with 1 billion tokens (1,000,000,000). Right now, before the first ”halvening” each user earns at least 1 token per upvote.

As the user count keeps growing, the system has to scale, or else it will run out of tokens. Lucky for us, Uptrennd is ready to scale with its own halvening event.

Uptrennd halvening happens once 100 million tokens (100,000,000) have entered the ecosystem. The last I checked, there were 98,756,528 tokens in circulation which means we are pretty close to the first halvening event of 1UP.

Looks like it will happen this week!

After the halvening event, rewards will be reduced by 55%. It means, if you were level 1 and earned 1 token per vote, you will now earn 0.45 1UP per upvote.

Will you earn less? Not if the price keeps rising. Not if you keep consistency and create quality posts. The harder it is to get 1UPs, the more value they have. The more people join this platform, the more votes you can get for your content.

It’s a necessary step to take in order to grow into new heights!

Read more on Jeff’s post right here.

Uptrennd Citizenship

Before talking about your way to become the Uptrennd Citizen, we have to understand one important thing – the world is full of scammers and people who try to abuse every system there is.

Right now, Uptrennd has a team of Guardians (about twenty people) who are dealing with spammers, low-quality content, and thieves. As the platform has grown so much, it’s impossible for Guardians to notice everything that’s happening.

Want to become the citizen? Press here to register.

Instead of having more Guardians, Uptrennd is giving the power back to you, the people. The Citizenship initiative changes many things, including the power of your vote. Once it is implemented, users will have more control over the platform. In other words, the system will be able to govern itself (hopefully).

Now your level will also impact how big your vote is. If before, it didn’t matter if you get upvoted or downvoted by someone who’s level 1 or level 20, now it will.

I think this change will greatly help Uptrennd deal with spammers and vote farmers (people who post thousands of comments to get ”free votes”). Now everyone will be forced to make something real in order to get bigger votes instead of living in the bubble of spammers who upvote each other as much as they can.

Read more about the Citizenship of Uptrennd on this post by Jeff Kirdeikis, the creator of Uptrennd.

Freedom of Speech

Now about something the mainstream media won’t tell you. The censorship on the internet is real and it’s not only China and North-Korea where it happens. People are being banned from Youtube for talking about cryptocurrencies and/or coronavirus.

Videos of doctors speaking out are taken down. Facebook posts are taken down and censored because they don’t ”meet the community standards”. It’s bullshit if you ask me. People should be able to speak out freely, especially in the 21st century.

“When you tear out a man’s tongue, you are not proving him a liar, you’re only telling the world that you fear what he might say.”

George R.R. Martin
Uptrennd doesn’t censor anything.

It is allowed to talk and post about anything you want and let the community decide if the content is worth it. Unless you get downvoted by many people, you’ll get exposure to the information you’re sharing.

Having the ability to express your thoughts makes you human. Corporations are doing everything in their power to steer you away from platforms like Uptrennd, Hive and others where your opinion is valuable.

We have the opportunity to create our own trend with Uptrennd. It’s time to end the monopoly of information and take the power back. If you care about your rights and the rights of the people of this world, uninstall Facebook from your phone right now. It’s just a time-waster and brain-washer when compared to platforms where you get paid for your opinion.

I already switched. When will you?

Thank you for reading! Until the next time we meet!



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