When The Market Hits

Just like in life, there are always ups and downs in the Cryptoworld if we can call it like that. Globally, the same goes for all of the assets one can own. Prices change. When they go up, everyone’s happy and excited about the future but when they fall, many people get scared and start worrying about the worst.

The best thing to do in these moments is to take a deep breath, maybe a couple of them, and then try looking at things as objectively as possible. It isn’t as easy as it sounds but that’s what you gotta do unless you want to rush and make some bad decisions.

Remember – if you don’t sell, you’re not losing. Whenever the market goes down, it’s actually better to buy more assets unless of course, they’re not some over-hyped coin that’s only there to pump up the price and then sell. Just like SUSHI creator sold all of it when it was at its peak.

What To Buy?

I won’t be of any help here as I’m not an expert in this. I can only share with you my own thoughts and coins that I will possibly buy in this window where the prices of most coins are falling.

Here are some coins that I find interesting:

There are probably many more of them promising coins but as of this moment, those are my favorite ones. If you have some suggestions, please write in the comment section of this post.

Thank you for coming here! I hope you’re having a productive Sunday!

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